These are photographs of hopefully all keyboards which were at the 5th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup on 8th of December 2018 at revamp-it in Zürich.


Tofu with GMK Dolch on Tealios by Jan
crkbd with enjoyPBT White on Black on lubed Cherry MX Clears by Jan

880× angesehen


HHKB Type-S with stock blank keycaps by Jen

866× angesehen


Rama M60-A with GMK Pristine on Tealios with 65g progressive springs

839× angesehen


KPRepublic/Xiudi XD96 with Greentrain PBT on Cherry MX Silent Red by Fabian

856× angesehen


Kbdfans KBD75 with GMK Plum on Ergo Clear 62g by Jen

891× angesehen


Canoe (Mao) with GMK Pristine on vintage Cherry MX Black

893× angesehen


CA66 with SA Ocean Dolch on Tealios by typischt

891× angesehen

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