These are photographs of hopefully all keyboards which were at the 5th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup on 8th of December 2018 at revamp-it in Zürich.


1671× angesehen

2015 Planck with XDA Godspeed on lubed and stickered Ergo Clears by Stephan


1773× angesehen

Kbdfans KBD8X black WKL with copper plate, Phobya Noisebuster and Bitumen dampening and GMK Laser on Tealios with 45g catweewee springs by Stephan


1514× angesehen

Varmilo VA109M with stock keycaps on Cherry MX Brown
(Sorry for the bad lighting, I only caught that keyboard while one row of ceiling lights was out of order, so I used to flash to get a sharp picture.)


1750× angesehen

E6-V2 FE with GMK Red Samurai on lubed Cherry MX Silent Black by Rioc


1518× angesehen

E6-V2 FE with GMK Red Samurai on lubed Cherry MX Silent Black by Rioc


1454× angesehen

Mini-Ninraal with YMDK XDA Blue Gray on lubed Gateron Silent Browns (case build incomplete) by Marcel


1506× angesehen

Vintage Mechanical Keyboards (IBM Model M, white Alps, Cherry G80, etc.) for sale by revamp-it, who were kindly providing the venue for the meetup.


1457× angesehen

IBM Model M with swiss layout by Leece3


1527× angesehen

3d-printed Iconic case by Keyboardbelle with GMK Pristine on Tealios by Leece3


1534× angesehen

KPRepublic/Xiudi XD002 with SA Carbon on Kailh Box Jade and Navy by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1474× angesehen

Programmable Cherry G80-2100 with stock keycaps (partially relegendable) on vintage Cherry MX Black and Super Black by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1488× angesehen

Toshiba PA5101E (rebranded Alps Bigfoot) with German layout and stock keycaps on clicky, red Alps switches by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)

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