These are photographs of hopefully all keyboards which were at the 5th Swiss Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts Meetup on 8th of December 2018 at revamp-it in Zürich.


1584× angesehen

Ducky One TKL with Tai-Hao doubleshot PBT OEM Orange and Black on Cherry MX Clear with QMX clips by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1579× angesehen

Ducky × Varmilo MIYA 68 Pro with stock "Panda" keycaps and Dwarf Factory "Panda" Snoob Bear artisan on Cherry MX Clear with QMX clips by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1524× angesehen

Vortex Race 3 with Hasbro XDA Scrabble on Cherry MX Silent Red by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1507× angesehen

Tex Yoda II with stock and custom Debian keycaps (made by Max Keyboard) on Cherry MX Browns with QMX clips by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1515× angesehen

Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK2 with SA Carbon on Kailh Browns by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1458× angesehen

Niz Plum84 with laser-engraved Keyreative Vulcan Glow-in-Dark (and stock spacebar) on 35g electro-capacitive switches by Axel Beckert (/u/xtaran)


1423× angesehen

TX84se with GMK Honeywell on vintage Cherry MX Clears


1384× angesehen

SKØG (Mao) with DCS Skull Squadron on Cherry MX Blacks and Pandas by Rioc


1315× angesehen

Rama M60-A with MT3 /dev/tty Elven on Kailh Box Royals by Rioc


1420× angesehen

PC Singa R2 with GMK Solarized Dark on lubed and retooled Cherry MX Blacks by Rioc


1509× angesehen

Keycult No. 1 with GMK Laser on lubed and retooled Cherry MX Blacks by Rioc


1364× angesehen

E6-V2 FE with GMK Red Samurai on lubed Cherry MX Silent Blacks by Rioc

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